Connecting consumers who care with producers who dare

Jo Hunt – Knockfarrel Produce

In the lee of the mountains and surrounded by fertile firths we have – here on the Black Isle – some of the best food growing conditions anywhere in the Highlands. The area’s farms are key suppliers of barley for the malt whisky industry and prime beef for sale across the UK and abroad.

So how on earth did we all end up shopping in Inverness, eating food from a distribution depot near Glasgow and beyond?

The recent resurgence of locally-made food in the area has two drivers: consumers looking for fresh and tasty food from near where they live, and independent producers keen to keep on farming and sharing what they produce. When these two groups work together, we all benefit – just try the great beer, fresh fish, free range chickens, crunchy apples and varied veg that have become available on the Black Isle in the last few years, and you’ll see what I mean.

Using this guide, you can now buy most of what you eat right on your doorstep, every week of the year – much of it directly from the person who made it. And if you can’t find what you are looking for on the shelves of local shops or on menus in local restaurants, then make sure you ask them for it. There are still plenty more good food products that could be made locally.

This guide is all about connecting consumers who care with producers who dare so please fill up your plate and help make more local food available right on your doorstep.

And some good news - you no longer have to go to Inverness to buy your food!

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Eating more local produce...

  • If you have kids who do the shopping with you, why not keep them entertained by asking them to pick an item from your shopping list and then try to find the most local version of it they can?

  • Why not stock up on local veg when they're in season and cheaper, and find recipes that make the most of them? 

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