About Our Local Larder

Our Local Larder

We'd like to see much more of the food eaten on the Black Isle also produced on the Black Isle - building pride in our local produce, increasing our resilience to global shocks, keeping more of our money in the local economy, building trust in local growers and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Joining Local Larder

It's free for any qualifying local organisation to be listed. If you think we've missed anybody out (or if one of our listings is out-of-date or just needs to be corrected) please let us know by emailing info@blackislelarder.org

Transition Black Isle - the boring stuff

Maybe boring, but we think websites should make it clear who is behind them, and where their funding comes from. Transition Black Isle is a registered Scottish charity, number SC042309. We are a company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland number 398650. Our registered office is Glachbeg, Allanglach Wood, North Kessock, IV1 3XD. Our funding comes from a mixture of small donations and our own social enterprises - selling seed potatoes, renting bikes, publishing relevant books and maps, etc. From time to time we also benefit from grant aid, but this webite has been funded from our own money - because we think it's important. If you agree, you might want to help our work with a donation of your own, and maybe join us.


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Eating more local produce...

  • If you have kids who do the shopping with you, why not keep them entertained by asking them to pick an item from your shopping list and then try to find the most local version of it they can?

  • Why not stock up on local veg when they're in season and cheaper, and find recipes that make the most of them? 

Out of Date?

If you think we've missed something from this page or that something needs to be updated, please get in touch and let us know.