Eat Vegetable?


  • In the UK population growth and demand are set to double meat and dairy consumption by 2050
  • A plant based diet uses a third of the land and water required to produce a conventional Western diet. 
  • You don’t have to go vegetarian or vegan to make a difference.  Giving up meat and dairy one extra day a week reduces carbon emissions by 0.18 tonnes per person annually



  • Try having a meat and/or dairy free day once a week. 
  • If you’re a confirmed carnivore try reducing your meat portion size, bulking up on vegetables and grains and switching to organic
  • You may already eat a lot of vegetarian or vegan food without thinking about it.  Do you have favourite vegetable soup, stew, pasta or pizza recipes? 
  • Look out for the symbols below that indicate vegetarian and vegan food in the shops. 


For recipes and nutritional advice on eating a more plant-based diet try visiting: 


Why not try…?

  • Why not ask friends, family and neighbours for their vegetarian or vegan recipes.  If you like them, we’d love you to share them with everyone else on our forum. 
  • If you’re more comfortable cooking meals based around meat and dairy, try ordering the vegetarian option the next time you’re out for a meal. 
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Eating seasonally

  • Why not ask your local shopkeeper or market stallholders to recommend the best of what’s fresh now? 
  • Go on a nature walk, but take along a wild food book instead of a wildlife guide.   
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