Eat Local


  • By buying local produce you reduce the need for your food to be transported - and therefore the oil used  and carbon emissions  produced.  The  transportation  of  food  consumed  in  the UK  accounts  for  2.3%  of  all  UK  greenhouse  gas  (GHG)  emissions.  Transporting perishable   foods   also   requires energy-intensive refridgeration,   which   along   with   home refrigeration contributes 3 to 3.5% of UK GHG emissions. 
  • Buying  local  food  is  a great  way  to support  local producers  and  retailers. When you do, 80p in every £ stays in the area, whereas when you shop in some supermarkets only 20p benefits the local economy.
  • Going shopping in your local area whether it’s at the shops or one of the markets is a good way to keep up with what’s going on in the area and meet the people who make your food.


  • Try shopping at community markets and local shops or sign up to a local vegetable box scheme.  You’ll find lots of these listed in the Local Food Directory.
  • Eat more wild food, but be sure not to eat anything if you’re not 100% certain it’s edible, and try to  avoid  foraging  along  roadsides or  taking  too  much  from one  site. It’s a good  idea  to  take along a comprehensive foraging book.
  • Grow  your  own - whether  it’s  in  your  own  back  garden,  on  a  windowsill  or  at  one  of  the community gardens.

Why not try...?

  • If you have kids who do the shopping with you, why not keep them entertained by asking them to pick an item from your shopping list and then try to find the most local version of it they can? 
  • Stocking up on local veg when they're in season and cheaper, and find recipes that make the most of them?
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  • Why not ask friends, family and neighbours for their vegetarian or vegan recipes.  If you like them, we’d love you to share them with everyone else on our forum
  • If you’re more comfortable cooking meals based around meat and dairy, why not try ordering the vegetarian option the next time you’re out for a meal. 
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