The Egg Box

We have two Egg Box vending machines, one at Balmuchy Farm, Fearn, Easter Ross and one at Rosefarm Cromarty. The free range eggs business was set up at Balmuchy as a new venture for the farm in June 2006. The laying hens live at Balmuchy Farm and we rear our own pullets at Rosefarm. Keeping chickens complements the farm well. Crops grown on the farm make up part of the feed, and the manure they produce is a useful fertiliser for the fields. The hens are able to range on ample grass land where trees form natural shelters, they are able to exhibit their natural behaviour scratching and scavenging out on the land. The first Balmuchy vending machine was installed in June 2011, it was a carousel style machine and worked well but was tedious to refill, so we upgraded and installed the current machine in June 2013. We travelled across to Holland to see the German built machine and imported the first of the type into the UK. Its success resulted in the building of the vending machine at Rosefarm in 2015.


The Egg Box

Rosefarm Cromarty IV11 8XU

Tel: 01381 600207

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  • Switching a few staples (tea, eggs, milk, potatoes, carrots etc.) each week, slowly making the transition to more organics. 
  • If you’re concerned about the cost of organic produce try comparing prices on some of the basics the next time you’re out shopping.  You might be surprised. 
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