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GlenWyvis Distillery

The GlenWyvis Distillery is UK’s first 100% community-owned distillery. Situated high on a hill above Dingwall (GlenWyvis Distillery,  Upper Dochcarty, Dingwall), the distillery is entirely powered by renewable energy. It will re-instate craft whisky distilling to the Dingwall area. While we finish building it, we’ve set up GlenWyvis Basecamp down in the town itself – where you can learn all about GlenWyvis Gin, our plans for GlenWyvis Whisky, and our local heritage tours.

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Breweries & Distilleries

GlenWyvis Distillery

GlenWyvis Basecamp 4 High Street Dingwall IV15 9UF

Tel: 01349 862005

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