Marie D’Souza Faulke Cookery


I do several things:
  • I have a market stall at Cromarty and North Kessock community markets. 
  • I run an Indian cookery class at the UHI. 
  • I teach Indian cookery on a 1-to-1 basis in your own home.
  • I will do cookery demonstrations to groups.
  • I will undertake catering in your home for up to 25 people.


To get in contact, email me on, look at my Facebook page Marie D’Souza Faulke Cookery or phone on 01381-621460.

Except for the courses at Inverness College, where you should go to their website or call them on 01463-273000. Or just come along to a market and have a chat.


1-to-1 instruction, demos and catering

I will undertake 1-to-1 teaching of Indian cookery in your own home, do Indian cookery demonstrations (for up to 40 people) and catering for up to 25 people. This is by mutual arrangement (I do need some prior notice!) Generally at the demonstrations, I will prepare in advance a large pan of the dish I will be demonstrating so everyone can sample it – there’s no fun in seeing food cooked if you can’t taste it!

To learn a bit more about me and give you some idea of the sort of thing I do in 1-to-1 teaching, demonstrations and catering, I recommend you read the write-up below in relation to the cookery course I run at Inverness College.


Indian Cookery at Inverness College

I run a course at the UHI in conjunction with Inverness College.

About me: I was born and grew up in Karachi, Pakistan but my parents both came from Goa in India, so the style of cooking I learnt from the very start was Goan. Both my parents were accomplished cooks, my father being the chef on an Indian ship and my mother undertaking catering assignments. I literally learnt to cook at my mother’s knee! In addition to the home influences, because I was in Pakistan, the Mughal style of northern India/Pakistan is second nature to me.

I have been teaching Indian cookery for over 20 years. First, in Plymouth and then when I moved to the Highlands, I continued to teach using the facilities of different secondary schools. This enables me to give expert guidance while the students get hands-on instruction and actually cook the dishes for themselves – this course is NOT just a series of demonstrations.

The course consists of a series of 6 two-hour sessions. Each week, you will learn how to cook 3 different dishes: a curry, a vegetable dish and a rice dish and then you will choose for yourself which of these you want to cook – most people choose to do the curry dish, but vegetarians may wish to do the vegetable dish or substitute a vegetable for the meat in the curry – veggies are welcome! It also includes a ‘starter pack’ (see below).

Each week I give out a recipe sheet of the recipes demonstrated which includes the list of ingredients for next week’s dishes. Also, each week builds on the skills learned in previous weeks. On the first evening I explain all the various spices and the utensils used in Indian cooking (and how to use them) and students do not cook, so you don’t need to bring anything.

For some people, not having the right spices can be a problem, so on the first evening I will distribute a ‘starter pack’ which includes all the basic ingredients you will need for the course and contains: a bag of Basmati rice; a tub of vegetable ghee; packs of chilli, coriander, cumin and turmeric powder; packs of moong dhal, cumin seeds, curry leaves, creamed coconut and tamarind; and all the ingredients to make a proper garam masala.

You don’t need to be a master chef to come on the course – I’ll teach you everything you need to know to make tasty home-cooked curries, vegetable dishes and pullaos from scratch. It’s a fun, relaxing course and you’ll enjoy it – and at the end of it you’ll be able to make authentic Indian meals which are NOTHING like restaurant food!


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  • Switching a few staples (tea, eggs, milk, potatoes, carrots etc.) each week, slowly making the transition to more organics. 
  • If you’re concerned about the cost of organic produce try comparing prices on some of the basics the next time you’re out shopping.  You might be surprised. 
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